Jenny (bitunlikely) wrote,

Belatedly jumping on the bandwagon

Leave a comment and I will come up with your muse's and my muse's kid. I'm equal opportunity -- adoption counts just as much as organically produced babies (or even surrogacy!). Of course, this is just for fun's sake only, so none of these kids are actually binding to anything. If your muse is in a 'verse with mine, feel free to request a kid from that 'verse if you wish! (Again, the kid isn't binding to anything in those 'verses.)

Also applicable to my other pups who I wouldn't mind writing:
Chloe Sullivan (torch_reporter)
Gavin Darklighter (jawaswag)
George Lass (toiletseatgir1)
Jaina Solo (swordthatslices/pocketjedi)/(jedipilot)
Sarah Jane Smith (his_sarah_jane)
Sarah Walker (ofmanynames)
Rosalie Hale (wantingnormal)
Zekk (jedizekk)
Tags: meme
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