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24 July
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"Sorry, can't stop. Whatcha gonna do? Tell my dad? Oh, I've got the whole universe. Planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat... and an awful lot of running to do."

One day, I'm so going to make Dad proud.

Until then? There's a whole universe out there to explore.

And I have voicemail now! Leave me a message, please? Or instant message me at gonnabetimelady!

Jenny is property of Doctor Who, BBC, etc. She's the Doctor's daughter, created through a cloning machine on the planet Messaline. About average height, probably 5' 4" or so, well-fit, and blonde, Jenny is designed to be a perfect soldier. As a clone of the Doctor, Jenny is biologically full Gallifreyan and a Time Lord: she has two hearts, is capable of regeneration, can bond with a TARDIS, has a lower body temperature, greater respiratory capability, a vascular bypass system, and all that fun stuff. Culturally, however, she tends to be more human given their wide population and the influence humans have had on her. As a rather newly born being, she tends to be fearless and over-curious. I'm just borrowing her for roleplay fun!

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